Welcome to my vocal studio page! My vocal program will increase your range, strengthen your instrument, nurture your flexibility to perform dynamically with power, expressiveness and ease,  safe and effectively.

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Main studio: Monroe, CT

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My Background

My Background

My Background

Classical Vocal Training: From the Yale School of Music with Doris Cross and Jerold Siena, Musical Theatre training with Paul Elkin, and Penn State certificate program for voice teachers. 


My Background

My Background

Testimonials from Michelle Lambert's vocal students:

I'm having a tremendous experience taking voice lessons from Michelle Lambert. In just three weeks I'm noticing a huge difference in my voice and I'm understanding how it works in a more comprehensive way than I ever have before. Her method is healthy, technical, intuitive and very easy to follow. She is equally well-versed in classical and musical theatre style singing, so it's a great fit for me. She really understands my voice and the essence of who I am as a performer. I recommend her work to anyone in search of a teacher. 

 Lara M.

Michelle Lambert is an experienced, well educated, highly professional, truly passionate voice instructor. Her resume speaks for itself. My 11 year old daughter recently started with Michelle and we saw a difference in her singing from the very first lesson. She has an amazing way of explaining very technical exercises in a way that is easy to understand. She is patient and caring and my daughter loves her lessons with Michelle. I would highly recommend her.

Laura D.

When my daughter began voice lessons with Michelle, her singing voice was hoarse-sounding and strained. She had no idea how to breathe correctly, or manage her voice. Since studying with Michelle for one year, her voice quality has become clear and pretty, with vibrato, her range has grown from 1 and a half octaves to 3 octaves. She sounds like a totally different person. The exercises actually healed her vocal chords and strengthened them. We always have fun during her lessons, and my daughters confidence has grown as well. The change has been quite dramatic in a short time, we are very happy with the results!
Amanda K.

My daughter is a belter who was having some physical vocal issues. Since starting with Michelle, she is not only breaking through on her issues, but is developing a mix voice as well as her head voice.  As a parent, I love the fact that Michelle listened to her problems and set a flexible course of vocalizations and exercises with specific intent to fix the issues, and also has expanded my daughters’ musical interests to include traditional musical theater and opera.  We’re looking forward to future audition seasons!


When I began my vocal studies with Michelle five years ago, I could never have imagined where her excellent instruction would have taken me. Within six months my voice had grown a great deal.  Besides being an incredibly talented singer in her own right, she is an extremely gifted and dedicated teacher who is constantly introducing new and helpful exercises to  her students.  It is obvious that she really wants her students to succeed.  Since studying with Michelle, my top range has been extended from a high F to a high B full voice, and the sound quality is richer and rounder.

Michelle gives her students the technique, inspiration and support they need to meet their vocal potentials. Today I am a working professional performer, and Michelle gave me the confidence and vocal training that helped me earn many of my initial roles in musical theatre.  She is a good friend and teacher, whenever I come back to CT, I make sure to put my voice in her hands.  I strongly recommend Michelle's lessons for anyone interested in seeing real results.    

Michael B. 

Michelle Lambert is the best vocal technique expert I have ever studied with! She helped me get into a great college opera training program. When I had trouble with my technique, and my college teacher couldn't fix it, I would call her and she would coach me over the phone. When I came home she would immediately know what the problem was. She has an uncanny ability to hear and solve vocal issues. I would study with her when I came home and she would fix my technical issues. I would go back to school greatly improved. There is no one like Michelle!
James C.

When I went to my first lesson with Michelle, my voice was so strained I could hardly sing at all. I have been performing in bands for 12 years, but never knew what proper technique was. She taught me therapeutic exercises which have healed my voice in a very short time, as well as techniques and strategies that have made me a better singer. I am so grateful for her!

 Nancy B.

Michelle has a magical way of teaching singing. Both of my daughters take lessons and they adore her. Her passion for teaching is evident at each lesson. She has a multitude of techniques to overcome vocal issues. She makes the lessons fun and gets a tremendous amount of work done in each lesson. She also coaches audition and performance technique, and acting.  I cannot imagine having a better voice teacher and performance coach. We all feel truly blessed to have such a talent in our own backyard!

Jean B.

Michelle worked on my placement which greatly helped me to sing so much better. She has a warm and friendly style in the way she approaches the lessons. Her patience and support brought me to another level of singing. I'm so happy to be back enjoying music once again. Thanks Michelle!

   Susan C.


Prior to studying with Michelle I had no confidence and no technical ability.  Michelle gave me a several things to work on that made a tremendous impact on my singing.  My style is folk-rock, and her technique enabled me to gain confidence and start playing out at local venues. If it weren't for Michelle's combination of wonderful support and great training, I would still be just a frustrated guitar player.    
 Andrew L

Before studying with Michelle I was too shy to sing. My confidence has grown along with my voice, thanks to Michelle's great training. I am singing now better than ever.

Elly K


I enjoyed the sessions with Michelle and picked up some good vocal exercises which I practiced.  Michelle directed a musical that went over very well and received many accolades from the cast and audience.  Shortly after, while attending my church service and singing the hymns, I received the nicest compliment from two of my former choir members.  Each wanted to know what I had done to my voice.  They said that my voice had a much better tone and they were impressed with the noticeable improvement.  If she can do that much for a woman in her 60’s, she must be accomplishing more wonders with the younger adults and children who take her vocal lessons.  Michelle is a great vocal teacher.      

Irene P.

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