Michelle Lambert
Vocal Studio

Michelle lambert, singer, voice teacher


My vocal studio is located in Monroe, CT.  House calls are available for an extra fee, as my schedule allows. I will travel to your performance site 

More about lessons....
I teach many different styles of singing, and my students range from classical, musical theatre, sacred music to folk, and rock.  My technique focuses on vocal health, clarity of sound and range expansion. If you wish I also will work on your performance skills to help make you a more effective and expressive singer.

I am a technique-oriented teacher. If you have a vocal problem or difficulty I will give you very specific directions and exercises tailored for your unique voice. I will explain clearly what you can do to improve your singing. My lessons are tailored to suit each individual. We will work primarily on technique during the first 15-20 minutes of the lesson, before we work on repertoire.  I strongly believe in explaining what different exercises accomplish so that you can eventually learn to work out any problems you may have when I am not with you. This process also makes you a more educated singer. Many of the principles I will discuss will probably be new to you.  Feel free to take notes or bring a tape recorder, as repetition is the best way to learn and understand a new skill.  I will discuss your practice schedule with you as well.

My background
Please take a look at my bio page for my performance history.  

I have studied voice with the music faculty from Yale University and with prominent teachers and coaches in NYC over the past 15 years. I also hold a B.A in Psychology and although I do not proclaim to be a therapist, I have found many cognitive/behavior techniques to help my students overcome fear and stage fright. I have been a professional singer for the past 15 years in a variety of venues including musical theatre, opera, and oratorio and recording. I have also performed in “straight” plays and am trained in acting, stage movement, theatre voice and diction and foreign language. If you wish to sing foreign language music I have a working knowledge of Latin, French and Italian diction. 

Fee- payable by cash or check

30 minute lessons are $38  ( younger students only 9-12 )

45 minute lessons are $55  (Recommended for most students age 13 and up, and the student who desires to perform actively)

60 minute lessons are $75  (Recommended for the serious student, active performer and/or professional singer)

After you have taken lessons with me for one month and are committed to take lessons on a weekly basis, I request that you pay by the month on the first lesson of the month. (unless it is a hardship for you)

I am very committed to my student’s progress and am always open to your feedback, comments and questions.  I usually have my cell phone with me so feel free to call me if you have questions about your practice exercises, vocal health, etc.   Also, please let me know of your singing goals. Whether it is your hobby or your desired profession or somewhere in between we can work together to plan and assess your training accordingly.