Michelle Lambert
Vocal Studio

Michelle lambert, singer, voice teacher

Hello! My vocal program will stretch, strengthen and build your voice to its full potential. Weekly lessons entail therapeutic warmups that stretch and strengthen the vocal ligament, and vocal muscle. Vocalization exercises that encourage flexibility, fullness, and dynamic control. Repertoire coaching that encourages your healthy technique is incorporated into the songs. Performance coaching that encourages you to energize your stage presence.

All styles are taught. Many of my students perform regularly in bands, musical theatre and opera. I teach all styles of singing, chest voice, chest mix, legit head voice, and classical. I also offer therapeutic vocal exercise program for vocal injury. Please read my testimonials. I love to see my students succeed. Let me help you to reach your potential!
Please contact me at voiceteacherct@gmail.com for a consult!

Singing is a fun, creative and exciting adventure.  Whether you have been singing for years or are just beginning, I can tell you with confidence that I have always seen improvements in range, strength, vocal quality and expressiveness through voice lessons. I thoroughly enjoy the process of teaching and will make every effort to help you reach your goals as a singer.

Today's singer must be an accomplished vocal technician of various styles. I teach specific techniques and exercises for the chest voice for pop, rock and modern musical theatre, through the chest mix, chest and blended head register, classical styles -legit musical theatre singing through classical bel canto technique for oratorio and opera.